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London Fashion Week Experience

Hi Everyone!

What a crazy year so far! Not to even talk about the epidemic going on right on, I am going to focus on bringing my power back to this moment and  to the things that matter right now. More talk on the Corona will come soon!

To look at the positive side of things, I went to both London and Paris Fashion week for the first time this year, and had some truly wonderful experiences. London fashion week was such a proof of the Law of Attraction for me, as I had simply followed my feeling of when to go to London, and, without knowing it, went exactly the days that it was London Fashion Week. By spending a morning in London intensely sending emails, I mananged to not only get one, but 3 invites for shows and presentations! It was one of those moments of complete awe, gratitude and wonder for the Universe and the gifts it brings. When you find your purpose, and work together with the Universe, magical things start to happen. And this was definitely one of them!

That's why I decided to document it all (which I had decided even before I knew anything about LFW). I hope this may of inspiration for you guys, the more aligned we can all be, the more we can co-create a beautiful and blessed world together. Enough of competition and fighting, let's give space for higher powers to work with us. It is our choice and I know which choice I have made!

Hope you enjoy <3 Let me know in the comment section of the video, what you think




Paris Fashion Week Experience

Hi again everyone!

We just talked about London, and now it is time to touch on Paris, the beautiful city of Love

As I gained confidence from being invited to London Fashion Week, I thought "why not see if I can do Paris as well!".

Albeit, Paris is the biggest fashion capital when it comes to fashion week, but this didn't stop me. I decided to write every single designer on the main show list, and lo and behold, I got an invite! Valentin Yudashkin was so kind to invite me to his show, which is and was a big honor and he is a world-renowned Couture designer.

Again, I experienced beautiful and magical Law of Attraction moments, as I actually was not able to get the ticket at the moment. As it turned out, someone decided to suggest buying it for me, which is a beautiful manifestation! Also when being there, I was guided beautifully. I made some silly mistakes, but I learn from them, and I address that in my second video, with the intention that it may inspire you guys on your personal journey.

Have a look at the videos and let me know what you think!

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